Meet Tim







My name is Tim Flood and I am a candidate for our Board of Selectman in Belmont.  I have lived in Belmont for seven years with my seventh-grade daughter, Victoria, and partner, Casey.  

I graduated from Arlington High School and joined the United States Marine Corps.  I was deployed during both the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq war. After leaving active duty, I worked in federal law enforcement with the Department of Defense Police.  I currently own and operate a small business in Belmont, East Coast Chip Keys. We recently moved to 458 Trapelo Road, after 8 years in Arlington.

For the past two years I have served on the Chenery PTO as a Co-Chair for Directory Data and Advertisements Coordination.  

Key Issues

I am dedicated to providing a voice to all community members.  My top priorities include:

  • Businesses – I am very sensitive to the need for business-friendly town policies.  I want to encourage businesses to open and stay in Belmont to enrich our community and broaden our tax base.
  • Traffic – Implement new solutions to address traffic congestion, especially in and around Belmont Center
  • Fiscal Responsibility –  Prepare our town for a financially robust future