Any campaign no matter the size has a lot of moving parts. Beyond what's listed below there's much more. Such as Sign Holding and Delivering & Posting Yard Signs.

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Campaign Chair/Campaign Manager

The campaign manager oversees all aspects of the campaign including day-to-day operations, supervision of volunteer staff, the coordination and implementation of the fundraising operations and ongoing coordination with the candidate. They are also responsible for creating and managing the campaign budget. Campaign managers must have excellent organizational skills, be level-headed, have good interpersonal skills and not be afraid of raising money. 

Finance Director/Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the campaign’s financial accounting both for internal purposes and for filing legally required campaign statements.

The campaign treasurer oversees the financial and accounting aspects of the campaign. They monitor all contributions, maintain financial records and are responsible for compliance with the relevant election board. Campaign treasurers are often the only other individual, apart from the candidate, whose name is filed with an election authority, and is helpful to have experience in accounting or finance. 

Communications Director / Community Outreach

The communications director is in charge of all of the campaign’s interactions with the media. They build relationships with the press, communicate with the media as the key spokesperson, set up interviews and identify media opportunities for the campaign. They may help write and develop campaign literature, draft speeches for the candidate and create copy for the campaign web site. The communications director should have prior experience and contacts with the media, be a good writer and communicator, and be a pro-active thinker and strategist.

Field Director/Voter Contact

Unquestionable the most successful campaigns have lawn signs and a lot of them. They get the candidates name in the minds of voters. 

The field director is in charge of making sure the campaign gets its message out through direct voter contact. Their main responsibility is to develop a comprehensive plan that may include door knocking and lawn sign coordination in order to ID voters and persuade them about the candidate. It will also include coordinating lawn sign posting. The field director needs to be highly organized, energetic, capable of motivating and managing staff and volunteers and able to manage large quantities of data.

Finance Director/Fundraising

The finance director is responsible for raising the money that will allow the campaign to accomplish its goals. The finance director works closely with the candidate and campaign manager to meet the financial goals of the campaign. They are in charge of keeping the candidate on track with fundraising, preparing for and staffing call time, and overseeing all fundraising events. A good fundraiser must be highly organized, outgoing and willing to push the candidate and campaign toward meeting their fundraising goals

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator works to recruit and manage volunteers to help with various campaign activities. They help coordinate the work of the volunteers, utilize their skills and talents well and provide motivation. The job requires strong interpersonal skills, patience, persistence, enthusiasm, good communication skills and the ability to work with all kinds of people.