FLOOD Belmont with Unwavering Representation

    After several years of listening to Belmont residents’ and business owners’ concerns, and with their overwhelming encouragement I decided to run for Selectman. We all want Belmont to thrive.  I want to offer a fresh perspective, another avenue for neighbors to share their opinions and concerns, and an opportunity to have their voices heard.  

Why Me ?

I understand serving on the Board of Selectman is a great responsibility;  one that must be undertaken with integrity, humility, and most importantly, an open mind.  It is the role of the Board of Selectmen to unite the community since we are all neighbors.  I welcome frank conversations with neighbors, will ask questions and search for answers, and encourage new ideas; all of which is necessary to prepare our community for the next generation.  

I hope to earn your vote for Board of Selectman on April 2.